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Welcome note of Ondrej Peterka, Founder and Managing Partner

In 2000, when we started the firm with my future partners, the idea to create a Central Eastern-European firm seemed foolish and unworkable.

Today, after 15 years, PETERKA & PARTNERS is a strongly situated firm with a solid and integrated infrastructure that allows us to effectively represent clients within the Central and Eastern European region and beyond.

This success was not accidental. We had to overcome many obstacles including the scepticism of others, the complicated decisions concerning funding and personnel, and the difficult process of internal integration which is essential for the effective functioning of a regional firm.

We are proud that our path to success has been clear and transparent, and that we have maintained our complete legal and economic independence along the way. We consider these characteristics to be fundamental requirements for an independent legal practice in general, and especially in our region.

We do not consider the Central and Eastern European region as a conquered area, but rather as our homeland. It is where we come from, it is where we live, and it is what we love. We consider our story as part of the history of the emancipation of the CEE region after 1989.

In all our activities we strive to show deep respect for the history and the culture of different countries which we operate in and to the diverse perspectives and backgrounds of our team members. Continuous inter-company dialogue is a fundamental part of our culture. We foster a healthy competitive environment, yet we consider solidarity and loyalty as core values.

More than half of our colleagues, including management positions are women. We value the contributions they bring to the firm, and we strongly believe that they are a source and guarantee of the stability and the sustainable development of our firm in the future.

Our current success is binding on us. We are still at the outset of a long journey and we maintain a humble approach to all the challenges that the beautiful and difficult legal profession provides. On our journey, we continue to reciprocate the confidence given to us by hundreds of clients with the superior quality of our services.

We are proud of our past and we are determined to continue our journey forward fully aware of our responsibilities to our clients, our members, and our region.

Ondřej Peterka
Founder and Managing Partner


Ondrej Peterka
Ondřej Peterka
Founder and Managing Partner

Office: Prague
Tel.: +420 246 085 300


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