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French Desk

PETERKA & PARTNERS’ French desk is unique among law firms in the Czech Republic and Central and Eastern Europe.

The team, composed of bilingual French speaking attorneys who have lived and studied in France, is led by Ondrej Peterka, dual qualified to practice both in Paris and the Czech Republic, who has more than ten years experience practising in France and providing legal services to French businesses on their operations in the Czech Republic and other CEE countries.

PETERKA & PARTNERS’ practitioners pool their experience and knowledge of the French language, mindset and culture, and the legal systems, particularities and languages of CEE countries to deliver a customised service to French businesses already located in or looking to invest or operate in CEE and to local and regional players looking to set up in or expand to France.

Experienced in a wide range of industries, including automotive, energy and infrastructure, transportation and logistics, construction, PETERKA & PARTNERS combines legal professionalism with business acumen to effectively support the success of its clients.


Camille Germain Bonhoure

Ondřej Peterka, Managing partner

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